What Are Your Intentions

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Great intentions are the ultimate choice of bettering your life. If you’ve bad intentions, it’s a sign you’re filled with greed, envy, detest, etc. You want all these damaging influences out of your life. Intentions are mighty. Intentions tell other people where our goals are heading. Intentions are the motive that helps us to accomplish our objectives.


To learn your intentions you have to put forth the effort. Occasionally you’ll feel bad-tempered, and grit your teeth, yet as you continue to learn you’ll see a light at the end of the tunnel. So what if some of your intentions are foul? Welcome to realism, humanity, and imperfection. Yet, you are able to change those foul intentions to great thoughts.


It always helps an individual to put down their intentions. When you put down your intentions on paper, it helps you to discover you. Many individuals don’t like to write; all the same, if you keep a journal you are able to look back later to see your growth stage. It only takes a couple of minutes daily to jot down your feelings, thoughts, ideas, etc.


Discover you and what alternatives you have available. Pull up resources. As a matter of fact, build resources. Resources are the key that unlocks the doorways to success. Check your intentions. What is the ideal career for you? Pull up your assets and utilize them to your benefit. Do a job search to help you discover a new vocation that makes you happy. Always follow through with your plans. Never quit and demand results.


Take action by recording your particular needs and wants. Go over the inner pictures you develop and listen to the voices that tell you how you are able to better your personal life. Learn to train your conscious to live healthier. We have instincts inside us. Learn to restore your instincts and listen. Listening is the key to help you better your personal life. Learn how to acknowledge your body’s needs as well.

My intention for this app is to become the man I would like to be to be able to pull my perfect partner. I would like to fully enjoy my entire life, living with authenticity and passion, able to connect with others on a deep spiritual level. What being in a relationship with my ideal partner means to me is sharing a profound loving connection, expanding my passions, opening myself up honestly, having the ability to overtly communicate my needs while still helping her meet hers. We share a lightness of heart and sense of humor, and we are as playful kids blissfully laughing and joking. I feel safe with her and want to give her all she desires.

I anticipate each moment spent with her and sharing my personal distance. She respects my boundaries and we can be connected and diversified. She opens my eyes to the beauty of the world. It’s important that I work on myself to find my perfect partner so that I feel whole and complete to myself and look for her to make my life much more enjoyable.


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