Can’t Read Or Do Sums – And You’re Surprised That Kids Behave So Badly?

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Yet another rant on the way… More about kids being let down again…

A newspaper headline writes of a ‘damning indictment’ of the educational establishment! And this seems to create shock and horror! There are probably the same sorts of headlines in many western societies… The paper claims that four out of ten primary school kids leave without being able to read properly! And to add to their misery they can’t add up numbers properly either! I really can’t imagine why this creates so much surprise!

Surely anyone who has any part in today’s education system can’t be shocked at this claim. What do the thousands of paper pushers and bureaucrats expect? It’s been happening for years — kids failing to gain any real level of achievement, not having much idea about what’s happening around them in class, not being able to read properly or understand basic instructions…

And what’s the result… They go into freefall — their confidence collapses and they struggle to gain very much that’s positive from school.

What can these kids do? In reality they only have 2 options — either withdraw and become virtually reclusive in class, praying that nobody notices that they don’t have a clue about most of what’s going on. This first category of kids are fearful someone may ask them a question and they’re embarrassed that they can’t answer. They avoid eye contact, they become skilled at ‘being busy’ dreading being asked to read aloud in class.

What about the other kids? Well this category tend to become the trouble makers. It’s their only other option. They’re bored, disinterested and disillusioned — almost completely failing. They can’t be part of the class appropriately so they’ll be a part inappropriately. Their behaviour deteriorates. It can’t be too much of a surprise,surely? These kids are in an appalling situation and have little real control over the situation –they’re trying in their immature way to survive in an alien world.

And what’s the adults’ reaction? The first category of kids who cause no trouble are pretty much ignored. It’s beyond belief that there’s such an emphasis on assessment for this, assessment for that, the filling in of endless forms and other utterly useless ‘initiatives’ that prove totally pointless. All the forms and tick boxes in the world have little purpose if the resulting data isn’t used for the good of the kids.

And the other category — the ones you have to notice because they’re so troublesome? Well, that’s when Uncle Tom Cobley and all come into action. There are endless meetings, more forms completed, money is demanded to cope with these kids… etc, etc. We hear the adults bleat and whinge that there’s something wrong with the kids otherwise they wouldn’t behave so badly…

And in the end, when none of the advice works and the kids’ behaviour becomes completely out of control they’re either thrown out of school or, those that are lucky come to me…

I deal every day with these kids whose behaviour is so appalling that they can’t be managed in a mainstream school. In practically all cases they are either illiterate or innumerate — but I make sure they achieve on both levels by the time they leave! It’s the most vital part of their education…

The mainstream school assessment of these kids is that they’re ‘low achievers’! What absolute rubbish… They’re not unintelligent — they’re uneducated!

It makes me furious — kids totally let down and failed by the time they’re 11… What sort of future do they have to look forward to? A pretty awful one… Adults really must get a grip of this situation and accept responsibility before things get even worse.

Rant over — thanks for reading…


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