5 Tips To Make The First Day Of School Easier On Your Little One

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Starting school is a frightening time for children. It opens up a whole new world of unknown. It’s common for all little ones to feel anxious or fearful, especially on their first day. However, following this advice can make things run slightly more smoothly, and the first day of school will be easier on your little one.

1. Be organized for the morning before

Being organized for the morning of the first day of school can help with relaxing your child if they are feeling anxious. Being organized involves practicing the routine of getting ready and leaving for school a few times before their first day; having their bag packed the night before with all equipment they need; and laying out their uniform to make getting dressed easier. Having the morning run smoothly can make a positive impact on how your child’s first day goes, as opposed to getting ready in a rushed and stressed manner.

2. Pack a special lunch

Having a lunchbox full of their favorite treats will put your child into a happy mood immediately. It gives them something to look forward to throughout the day and provides comfort while they are getting used to being away from home.

3. Take a special toy along

If your little one is feeling particularly anxious about being away from you on their first day, taking one of their favorite toys along to school is a great way to soothe them. A favorite stuffed toy, wooden toy, doll, action figure or matchbox car can be a world of comfort for them. Spoiling them with a new toy is also a great way to reduce anxieties. However, remind them that during class time the toy has to be kept in their bag.

4. Become familiar with the school

Before the first day, organize a tour of the school with a staff member. This ensures the new surroundings don’t overwhelm your child on their first day, adding to other anxieties. Learning their way around their new school will mean they are familiar with the grounds and will feel more relaxed.

5. Talk about their first day and school

Talking to your child about what to expect, their fears and worries, making friends and learning new things can do wonders for relaxing them, and exciting them! Reassuring them that it won’t be long before they are used to school and telling them everything will be okay can make a huge difference in how they anticipate their first day.

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